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Life After WMHS: A Glee RPG

Life After McKinley High School


What does the Future Hold?

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Welcome to Life after McKinley! The game that wonders what will happen after everyone graduates McKinley High School. Who will leave Lima behind for something more, and who will stay? Life after graduation is bound to be full of excitement and trials. Join us to watch it all unfold.

In this RPG you will be able to take your character anywhere. Will Rachel finally be able to live her dreams in New York along with Kurt? How will all relationships work out-- If Finn chooses to work in Burt’s shop, will he and Rachel be able to make it work in a long distance relationship? And how will the new members of New Directions be able to live to the others expectations? It’s all up to you in how you would like to portray these characters.

In this game we will be welcoming OC characters. After all, Mr. Schue can’t just let New Directions disappear just because everyone graduated. But with all the others gone or staying in Lima, will they all return to McKinley for a big reunion? It could all happen in Life After McKinley. The game is set in the year 2013, so what will the future hold for the GLEE kids?

Even though that this is an AU game, if you would like something that happened in canon on the show you can have that happen. But if you don't want something to happen, for example, Sebastian never tried to put the moves on Blaine then you don't have to have that happen. So its all up to you on how you would like things to happen in the game

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